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Were you born knowing how to...

     Were you born knowing how to tie your shoe laces? Did you instinctively know how to read as a kid or do your job as an adult? Odds are you got some kind of training in these areas. At serenity we offer skill building and training programs across multiple life issue with solution focused therapy to help you live the life you want to live. No one is born knowing how to be a spouse, or a parent, how to manage difficult emotions or life situations. Save yourself the time, the stress and your relationships the pain of unnecessary struggles. Let Serenity help you by providing you with the best in research and evidence based therapies so you can have better connections with those you love and make the changes you want in your life quickly. Serenity knows, that every person has their own unique life challenges and deserves a customized plan of care to help them move out of the emotional pain, stress, and confusion of life no matter what the situation. Our therapists are licensed at the highest state level and are specially chosen for their clinical expertise in areas such as ADHD therapy, family counseling, or substance abuse. All faiths backgrounds are welcomed.

Let Serenity help you to take a positive step in the right direction in your life today.

Our services include:

• Premarital & Marital Counseling
• Family Counseling
• Communication & Relationship Skill building
• Conflict Resolution Training
• Substance Abuse
• Parenting Support (ScreamFree™ Certified)
• ADHD Therapy
• Autism
• Stress & Sleep Management
• Anger Management Counseling
• Grief Counseling
• Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, & Other Clinical Issues
• Family Education & Support for Mood Disorders or Schizophrenia
• Christian or Spiritual Counseling on Request
• Life Coaching

And More...

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Serenity Counseling seeks to help others from all walks of life and religious backgrounds. From single individuals, to homemakers, to doctor's to busy executives, military families or retired people, here are a few of the testimonies we have received.

With divorce papers at home we tried Serenity Counseling Services as a last attempt before filing. Our therapist helped us learn what wasn't helping our marriage, how to do better, how to communicate better, re-establish the trust that was broken and even how to be better parents. It was very skill based and it did not take long to see positive changes in our marriage. Now it feels to us like we have a fresh start on our marriage and hope about our lives as a married couple and as individuals.
~Serenity Client

My therapist came to the hospital with me to visit my dad after his accident. I was too afraid to go alone and having my therapist there gave me the support I needed. I will never forget it.
~Serenity Client

My child had difficulties paying attention and often acted out at school but I did not want to put him on medication. After going to Serenity and enrolling in the Scream Free program, I learned that we both were stuck in negative patterns of behavior. Now he is on the Dean's list! For my part I know a lot more about how to help him and my stress is so much less now.
~Serenity Client

Therapy has never helped me with my anxiety or depression. My psychiatrist insisted that I was not making enough progress with medications and to try Serenity. Everything my therapist told me was fact based. He even showed me the research articles he often referenced, and gave me handouts. Normally I wouldn't write a testimonial but I do admit that it's hard to argue with facts and when you know that you can be better, you want to do better. So, therapy did help me and for the first time in 15 years I am having my Psychiatrist reduce my medications.
~Serenity Client

Military life is harder than most people realize. As a spouse, with kids and part time job my marriage felt distant and I was stressed. My time at Serenity fixed all of that and I learned more than I thought I would about myself and how to be a better spouse and parent. I think talking to someone who really cared and understood how challenging military life can be really helped.
~Serenity Client

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