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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Aiea, HI

The Support You Need When You Want It

Our services are available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. Our cognitive behavioral therapy services are derived from evidence-based research to help you make the changes you want to see in your life. With our traditional therapy services, we also offer many key service features and programs not often found in a counseling agency.

Psychiatric Care

If you or your loved one need to be assessed for the possible need for medication or if you are looking for a psychiatrist to prescribe medication to you Serenity can help. If desired we can combine psychiatric medical care with our mental health therapy services to enhance you or your loved ones care, and all at the same convenient location.

Our Key Service Features

Enhanced Privacy

Our office space has a private exit, so you never need to worry about bumping into some you know in the lobby. Cash payments are also available, for those who would prefer not to leave a paper trail by billing through insurance.


People don't want to worry about remembering their appointments. Our automated appointment reminder will call or text you help you keep track of your appointments.

Holistic Care

Serenity believes that by working with other professionals, our services are stronger, and provide our clients with a wider array of knowledge and skill than a single professional can provide. We believe these services are an awesome thing for clients to have access to. If you want a second opinion on your case one of our other providers can help you. If you want a referral to an acupuncturist or chiropractor we can help with that too!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Aiea, HI

Efficient Help

Our services are generally meant to be short-term and focus on change. At Serenity, we use the latest in research to help others discover useful relationship skills, coping skills, behavioral techniques, and psycho-educational information. First-time phone consults are free, and if it is determined you need more in-depth services than what Serenity can provide, we will give you a referral at no charge.

Internet Based Therapy

Online Therapy

If you live too far away to regularly see a therapist, are physically disabled, or just never want to bump into your therapist at the grocery store, online therapy may be the best solution. This service is available for those in and outside the United States. For those seeking online therapy inside the United States, each state has different requirements regarding regulations of online therapy. Contact us for a free consultation to see if you qualify.

Happy Family

Our Family Peace Program

It is often the case that married couples wait until divorce is an option to work on their marriage as a last ditch effort to avoid divorce. Many come in for standard therapy treatment. However, some cases may be more serious and in need of more intensive help. If you and your spouse are seriously thinking about getting a divorce, we offer a unique emergency based intervention program designed to help you save your marriage. This program is tailored to meet your individual marriage needs. In general, the program offers intensive therapy services three times a week, with two therapists. This allows each spouse their own personal therapist and provides the couple with a second opinion and viewpoint on how to save their marriage. In general, the program looks at adjusting communication skills within the marriage, conducting a need-based assessment of both spouses, anger management training, our scream-free marriage and parenting program (see more on this below) and other interventions as needed to save your marriage. Price may be discounted for those with insurance. Please see our package rates for this service on our Get Started Page.

About ScreamFree Certification

The bestselling series ScreamFree, by Hal Runkel, fits well with civilian and military families. Learn how to stay calm in the midst of relationship difficulties with children involved. Sometimes couples scream at each other, other times they silently "scream" by shutting up and shutting their partners out.

This unique program is about learning to calm our own emotional reactions, and focus on our own behavior as role models to our kids. When people say "I lost it around my kids", the "it" they are referring to is their own dignity, and the respect of their kids. David combines the underlying principle of ScreamFree, with his clinical knowledge of cognitive and behavioral therapy, to bring change that is positive and lasting.

Life Coaching

Life coaching and counseling have a lot of overlapping areas. Coaching has a more narrow focus than counseling. However, having a counselor as your coach can help guard against emotional potential pitfalls that may come up in the coaching process. Coaching is better suited for those who do not have or want a diagnosis. The focus in coaching tends to be more on future goals and less on the individual's past. It has less to do with healing from the past and more focus on how to obtain future goals. If you feel stuck or unsure about where you want to grow and better yourself as a human being or are unsure of how to reach a particularly important life goal, coaching may be for you.